Drawing faces

1-Tracing-people © Blue Dew Design

Drawing faces and people was always a bit daunting for me. But since I was little I like to draw funny scenes with animal creatures, I love reading comic books and watch animation movies. Capturing an emotion or telling a small story is so rewarding, and so much fun. After sketching along with model drawing videos of Matthew Archambault (Drawing Tutorials Online) I saw Lilla Rogers Drawing Faces self-paced class, and I took my chance to develop my face drawing skills.

Although not everything was new to me, it kept me drawing and playing around with facial features. The class consist of 5 exercises:  tracing faces (see first drawing; a very helpful and easy tool to really look!), style mash up, drawing eyes and expressions, drawing children (my favourite), and a fun face buffet card game. The face buffet game was a good way to put random features and accessories together to create a new character. The class ended with a bonus month of sketching.


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