Designer interview: Antoinette Verhoeven • STUDIOZWAANSTRAAT

© StudioZwaanstraat_DrukwerkIn the work others create, we can see someone’s interests, experiences and personality (unless someone just copies, but let’s put that aside for now ;)). Style is always evolving, but seeing a person trough their art is what makes it so special and unique. Sometimes I come across work of someone else, and discover similarities in backgrounds later. Seeing the work of Antoinette Verhoeven made me curious about the designer behind STUDIOZWAANSTRAAT. She is a(n) illustrator, graphic designer and surface pattern designer, with a focus on creating very personal house portraits at the moment. And that is how I found out she had a background in architecture. A profession quite similar with my background in landscape architecture.

Can you tell a bit about yourself?

My name is Antoinette Verhoeven and as STUDIOZWAANSTRAAT I do what I love most: creating beautiful images! I get inspired by all different kind of things, whether it is the content of my kitchen cabinet or the way people on the other side of the world have their coffee. I create illustrations, postcards, birth cards or stationery for all kind of festivities, but I also like to develop a new corporate identity for your company, whether it is small or big, a fresh look can take your business to the next level. Continue reading