Designer interview : Pauline Teunissen • La Scarlatte

Pauline Teunissen © La Scarlatte

Instagram is a great platform to discover designers and illustrators all over the world. And of course also great Dutch designers! The work of illustrator and pattern designer Pauline Teunisssen (La Scarlatte) stood out for me. She has a unique style, and her love for the natural world shows through. As a nature lover myself I enjoy watching her intricate work which focus on botanical and animal life. Therefore I am pleased to have the opportunity interviewing her in this second ‘designer interview blogpost’! 

Can you tell a bit about yourself?

I’m Pauline, and I work as a freelance illustrator and pattern maker under the name of La Scarlatte. It’s the French name for a really shy red small bird, which about sums me up. I’m always getting myself into trouble because I’m a perfectionist and never seem to be able to stop working on something or making it less detailed. Working on creating artworks more efficiently at the moment. Tea (herbal) is my IV, I have to have the biggest mugs of tea next to me, which I always forget and sometimes dip my paintbrush into. When I’m working I love to listen to music or audiobooks.

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